Guangzhou Xinshicheng Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Xinshicheng Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Xinshicheng Company") ,a second-level key enterprise under Guangzhou Light Industry & Trade Group Ltd. , focuses on the development and operation of urban assets. It was established in August 2007. The registered capital is 30 million yuan and there are 127 employees by now.

 After 18 months of elaborate renovation following the principle of "Repairing the Old As Old, Building the New as Old", Xinshicheng Company was responsible for the development and operation of the T.I.T Creative Zone which officially opened in August 2010, with the theme of "Fashion and Creativity, Innovation, and Technological Internet" . This park is currently home to 130 enterprises, including four listed enterprises which are respectively the headquarter of Tencent WeChat , PDD, China Youzan Limited , and the South China headquarter of Steve Leung Design Group;And there are two enterprises listed in the New OTC(Over the Counter) Market, which are respectively IFANR, a new media dedicated to report scientific technologies,and FreeLoong Intergrated Marketing Co., Ltd., a company contributing to cultural transmission. In 2018, the annual output value of the park was more than 17 billion yuan, taxes revenue reached 1.03 billion yuan, and more than 4,000 people got employed. It was awarded the titles of "National Textile and Creative Garment Design Pilot Park", "Top Ten Internet and Creative Town in Guangdong", "Pioneer Base of Demonstration for Small Enterprises in Guangdong Province", "Strategic Base for Emerging Industries in Guangzhou", " Best Cultural and Creative Park of the Year in Guangzhou", and "Top Ten Excellent Industrial Park in Guangzhou", etc.

Set sail and achieve the dream for the future.Xinshicheng Company will seize the opportunity for the development of the "New Vitality of the Old City", strengthen the integration of resources, enhance the brand, increase efficiency, and promote the construction of the T.I.T brand series of parks,such as T.I.T Cultural and Creative Zone and T.I.T Intelligent Zone. Xinshicheng Company will also make use of the capital market to achieve greater, stronger and better goals, to become the leader of the development and operation of the urban assets in Guangzhou or even in China.