Carrying on the tradition of perfection seeking meticulously of Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. for 90 years, the brand 555 has achieved incessant innovation in terms of quality and environment protection and naturally blended high efficiency, energy conservation, environment protection and outstanding quality together. The brand 555 supplies a rich variety of products including mercury-free alkaline battery, mercury-free high-power battery, mercury-free high-power printed plastic battery, high-capacity printed plastic battery, iron clad battery, Super quality battery, lithium manganese button cell battery, and lithium battery. The 555 brand alkaline battery is included by the state among the first batch of environment-friendly alkaline manganese battery, of which zinc-manganese battery and alkaline zinc-manganese battery were granted with an exempt-from-inspection certificate. Those products also were honored as a Guangdong/ Guangzhou Famous Trademark and a Guangzhou Time-honored Brand. After years of development, the brand 555 has become a first-class battery brand in South China, occupying a market share of over 60% in Guangdong Province.