Guangzhou Opal Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Opal Real Estate Development CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as GZOPAL) was incorporated in 1995. It undertakes operation, development and management of the real estate and property owned by the enterprise itself, and gradually develops the management of the real estate and property owned by other social organizations. There are over 700,000 square meters of property under management, including office buildings, cultural and creative park, residence, commercial sites, logistics & warehousing, etc.

   GZOPAL refers to market operation, bases itself on property operation, and expands creative industry and service industry. By integrating resources to achieve win-win outcomes and resource sharing, it takes property as a bond to create a professional service platform. Meanwhile, it takes 3 measures to sustain the platform-support, security and business. Professional operation of property assets is the core primary business; property management service as the secondary; property investment management as the cultivation of a new growing business to promote planning and developing goals. GZOPAL implements unified standard and management, builds up the enterprise figure and creates the brand Opal, to make the band-name enterprise with brand effect and promot the property management to a new level.