Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd., with authorized self-import & export right, is the key enterprise of dry batteries industry in China. It reaches an annual sales over 6 billion pieces of dry batteries, and export value over 400 million U.S. dollars, which makes it the leading battery enterprise in China, not only sales volume and export volume, but also of export value and main business incomes, also makes it rank seventh of top 100 enterprises that export to Africa.

  The company sells 10 series of products, such as dry batteries, lead acid storage batteries, battery raw materials, led lights, battery electric appliances, jump starters, solar energy products, sports series, commodities, and food series, etc.
  The company’s brands include "555", "Tiger Head", “TIHAD”, “Lighting”, “funmily” and “Wivin”, etc. "Tiger Head" is a "Guangdong/Guangzhou Famous Trademark" and a “Famous China Export Brand”.  "555" is also the “Guangdong/Guangzhou Famous Trademark”. Moreover, "555" brand alkaline battery was listed as the first batch of eco-friendly alkaline batteries. Zinc-manganese series and alkaline zinc-manganese series batteries have received the exempt-from-export inspection certificate. "555" and "Tiger Head" brands are also the "Guangzhou Time-honored Brand".

  Based on strengthening quality control and seeking development with technical progress, Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. has been making persistent efforts to excel. As one leading company using computer-controlled automatic discharging detection facility to fulfill strict quality monitoring in production, the company is marked as an excellent enterprise of light industrial in China with advanced quality control system. It has passed the certification for ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and the qualification of customs AEO management system. For years running, it has been evaluated as the "Excellent Enterprise in Quality and Profit" by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC, the State Bureau of Light Industry, and the Quality Control Association of Guangdong Province.   

  The company has introduced the most advanced production line of mercury free zinc-manganese alkaline battery to provide the consumers with environment friendly batteries of high quality. The products adopt the special explosion-proof structure, new material, new formula, new technique and the special sealing technology, all in the leading position in the world. It achieved mercury-free and pollution-free in battery production, which was five years ahead of the national schedule. In recent years, the company invested 1.5 million yuan independently developing real-time monitoring management system via IT new technology, which includes several parts of on-the-spot production management, operation instruction, and figures analysis, etc. This system, with visual image transformation and vivid industry control charts, help monitoring personnel get accurate first-hand information about the production without being on the production spot. The system helps to improve management efficiency and reduce management cost.   

  For years, the company gets care and support from the government leadership. The party and state leaders as well as provincial and municipal leaders, such as Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, Wu Yi, Zhang Dejiang, Zou Jiahua, Huang Huahua, Zhu Xiaodan, Zhang Guangning etc., have paid visits to the company, bringing great incentive. On December 11, 2002, Zou Jiahua, vice chairman of National Peoples Congress, inspected the company with the inscription of "Being the Clean Production Model and Modern Environmental Protection Pioneer". On October 15, 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao visited the company and praised by words of "letting old brand glow with youth by integrating production with trade, by brand strategy and technological innovation". On September 22, 2011, Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Vice premier of China, visited the company and affirmed its achievements.