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Guangzhou Chemicals Successfully Expands Business in Egypt, Dubai, and Jordan

  From May 10 to May 26, 2024, a delegation from TIT (Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd.) and Guangzhou Chemicals (Guangzhou Chemicals Import and Export Co., Ltd.) embarked on a business trip to Egypt, Dubai, and Jordan. The purpose of this trip was to explore and consolidate the markets for daily chemical detergents in these regions. 

  During their visit, the team attended the EGY BEAUTY Expo in Egypt and the DETEX JORDAN Expo in Jordan, both leading trade shows focused on personal care, beauty, and daily chemical detergents. These events attracted numerous local businesses as well as clients from the Middle East and Africa. By engaging with nearly 100 clients across the two expos, the delegation gained invaluable insights into market demands, sales trends, and business models, revealing significant market potential in these regions.

  In addition to participating in the expos, the team conducted comprehensive market exploration and client visits. They met with several clients and suppliers in Egypt, Dubai, and Jordan, fostering deeper communication about cooperation, product requirements, and procurement channels. This engagement helped the clients and suppliers build confidence in Guangzhou Chemicals’ products and services. As a result, the delegation signed preliminary contracts worth nearly $4 million. With further communication and follow-up, we believe that more cooperative orders will be secured.

  Furthermore, visits to large supermarkets in these regions provided a better understanding of local consumer demand and product market share, which will support Guangzhou Chemicals’ strategy for market expansion.
  This business trip has strengthened Guangzhou Chemicals’ presence in the Middle East and North Africa, paving the way for future growth and partnerships in these promising markets.