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New quality sword, precise strike Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. unlocks Canton Fair super flow password

  On May 5th, the 135th Canton Fair successfully came to conclusion.At this Canton Fair, Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. introduced eye-catching and profitable "new quality" achievements, showcasing a new image of innovative development to global customers with new materials, new technologies and new processes. We successfully transformed customer "flow" into market "growth" and secured on-site transaction orders worth over a million US dollars, including chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials and products, clothing, etc.

  Firstly, adapt to changes and create a "new situation". Chemical  products maintained their prominent position in the "New Materials and Chemical Products" exhibition area, showcasing new achievements in low-carbon production processes, and high efficiency environmental protection.

  Achieve a "two-way" supply and demand connection. Plastic raw material products highlighted the companys professionalism as a raw material trading enterprise and its outstanding supply chain capabilities.

  New technology creates new "quality". The plastic product series emphasized quality control and design innovation, iterating and upgrading popular basic models to introduce new products rich in "technology content".

  Secondly, independent research and development add new development. The outdoor furniture brand "Everstar" brought its latest independently designed and developed products to the exhibition hall. Combining novel independent design and high-quality green materials, it created a series of waterproof, sun-resistant, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant environmentally friendly outdoor furniture products.

  Thirdly, fashion locks in a "new coordinate". The independent design novelty rate of textile and clothing products reached 50%, with denim series products continuously innovating and breaking through: combining traditional fabrics with innovative matte foil stamping technology, it presents a colorful and delicate gloss under the light. This series of products successfully stood out and was selected for the "2024 Canton Fair New Product Launch, First Exhibition, and Premiere" event.

  Improving quality with novelty and connecting the world. As a quality force on the Canton Fair platform, Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. will rely on the powerful engine of new quality productivity to continuously unleash their "going global" vitality, unlock new potential in foreign trade, and solidly promote high-quality development to a new level.