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GUANGZHOU PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD. achieved a good start and performed well in all aspects of its business

  GUANGZHOU PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., committed to integrating trade and practical aspects, fostering synergy between the trade sector and physical manufacturing, thereby cultivating novel advantages and propelling developmental impetus. It endeavors to initiate the first quarter on a strong footing.

  Primarily, the focus is on cultivating fresh advantages and enhancing import-export operations. Import activities are geared towards bolstering market penetration, with sales revenue exhibiting a 13% year-on-year increase by February. Notably, sales volumes of plastic raw materials surpassed 10,000 tons, while the nascent coatings segment sustained stable development. Export endeavors demonstrate robust growth, evidenced by a staggering 175% year-on-year surge in sales revenue by February, surpassing average monthly figures for 2023. Efforts are sustained to diversify export offerings, exemplified by the remarkable expansion in PET export business. 

  Secondly, there is a concerted drive towards innovation to fortify the physical manufacturing sector. WEIHONG Technology remains dedicated to nurturing and servicing major clientele, with monthly orders surpassing 10 million yuan. Collaborative endeavors with partner units, notably RODMAN company. With ample production capacity,business performance has flourished, with sales revenue up by 21% year-on-year by February. RODMAN company strengthens the innovation ability, the Ice Masters new Vivid Series incubator sale covers Asia, Europe, America and so on; Simultaneously, the “Pearl River” brand augments traditional product lines, as of February, sales revenue increased 47% year-on-year.