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Eagle-Coin cools down the scorching summer days

  Summer days are always hot and sweaty, thus people love to find something refresh to eat. Eagle-Coin’s herbal jelly is just in time to be available on American market, bringing a cool breeze to the consumers far across the ocean.

  In order to catch the hot selling season for herbal jelly, Eagle-Coin Company shipped out nearly ten thousand cartons of products to both east and west coasts of America as soon as possible. They were put on the shelves of many kinds of market all over the US, including 99 Ranch Market, New York Mart, Wholefoods and many others. Thanks to the joint efforts by Eagle-Coin and their brand agents, the herbal jelly products were able to catch the sale season, so the Chinese could enjoy this special food even when they are far from home country.
  With both online and offline promotions simultaneously, and demo eating in super markets, Eagle-Coin’s herbal jelly became a hot selling item soon after put on sale, and in nearly one month’s time they would be out of stock. Before that happens, repeat order was placed and early delivery was requested for another ten thousand cartons. As expected, the cargos will be ready for shipment in short time, and head for the consumers that are waiting for them. 
  Where there are Chinese, there is Eagle-Coin.